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September 21, 2021

The Chronicles of Jaunté Jacobs: Road to Fame

Jaunté Jacobs is a passionate R&B musician that has recently delineated the importance of seeking help as a man- even if it goes against certain pre-conceived, hurtful societal norms.

In great detail, he co-produced and wrote the song that is now known as ‘Not Okay’ essentially produced by Mantra who has been credited for the production of Future & Rihanna Selfish (RIAA Certified Platinum), Ne-Yo’s 1 More Shot, Pop Smoke & Dua Lipa’s Demeanor, and more. ‘Not Okay’ was created in a timespan of only five minutes in which Jaunté is also credited as the recording engineer. 

Below we will take a look at the origins of the song, its desired purpose, and the powerful effect it has had on Jaunté’s prolific fanbase.


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